Compete in the VIII International Hethland Balaton Feeder Cup and win our fantastic special prize, a Kolibri KM-300 top class rubber boat!

Would you like to start stalking fish not only from the shore, but from an ultra-modern boat? We’re talking about a product type that will satisfy all your fishing needs, that will be your reliable partner whatever your method of choice, and the feeling of being off the shore… isn’t it phenomenal? 

Two birds with one stone? Yes!

If you have not already done so, enter the VIII International Hethland Balaton Feeder Cup, fish for two full days, have the experience of a lifetime and win a top class rubber boat at the same time, which will be drawn at the prize-giving ceremony for all competitors who have entered the tournament and fish the whole 2 days!

But what makes this particular Kolibri KM-300 rubber boat so special?

Despite the fact that the Kolibri KM-300 is basically a standard rubber boat, it has a lot going for it and is a very rugged piece of machinery. In our competition, we’ll be looking for a version with a tailgate, which is a construction with a fully rigid bookcase. The latter means that the floor section folds up like a book, complete with flexible plastic hinges. All of these are great and practical features in themselves and of course make transport much easier with the ability to simply load and unload the product into the boat, or load the product itself into the car with a flick of the wrist.

Assembling and launching is just as easy and takes only 10-15 minutes.

Not just for professionals…

Whether you call yourself a professional tournament fisherman or just a hobbyist, this boat is a stable, reliable tool, even if you choose a smaller motor. Available in three colours and colour combinations, green, white and mixed.

When cutting out the boats, the material is laser cut on a special machine to ensure a precise , accurate finish.

The main components are joined by soldering using HD (high frequency) welded computer technology, which ensures up to 20-30% better bonding. The quality of the seams is guaranteed by reinforced tapes on the inside and outside.

So, are you interested in this boat?

Give yourself a chance to be the lucky angler who not only catches the most gigantic and most fish on the longest and most beautiful shore of the southern part of Lake Balaton, but also the one who can take home the top-of-the-line super rubber boat you see in the picture!

So sign up for the two-day competition, meet and make friends with the many anglers from home and abroad and win the special prize of the VIII International Hethland Balaton Feeder Cup, the Kolibri KM-300 rubber boat!

Click here to read the competition announcement, the technical conditions and then we are looking forward to your email application to

We are already packing your boat, we hope to see you to hand it over to you!


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